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“IFD Kapital” Group


The “IFD Kapital” Group was established in 2003. By the present time it has turned into one of the major diversified holdings in Russia. The evolution of business activity of “IFD Kapital” has resulted in conception of its business identity as an integrated private investment fund specializing in investing in various sectors of economy. Nowadays the Group’s investments are represented in Oil & Gas sector, banking services, pension coverage, construction, power generation, mass media and high tech industry.

The key task of the Group is an efficient management of the shareholders’ funds through investing them in new business projects as well as the securities market.

At the beginning of the year 2008 aggregated assets of the Group have exceeded 17 billion US$ and its total shareholders’ funds – 6 billion US$. “IFD Kapital” ranks among top-100 largest Russian companies by the volume of its proceeds (according to ratings of “Finance-500 and “Expert-400”).

“IFD Kapital” employs top experts in respective fields of business which has been confirmed not only by the productivity of investment projects but also by professional ratings led by the representatives of “IFDK”.

The companies of “IFD Kapital” Group have been intensively running a social activity by implementing humanitarian projects in culture and sports:

Since the year 2008 “IFD Kapital” in association with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has been implementing the information program aimed at advancement of financial literacy of the Russian society.

Supporting projects in the cultural sphere takes a special place in the social activity of “IFD Kapital”. The Company participates in educational programs of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and carries out its own projects as well.

“IFD Kapital” has been acting as a General Sponsor of the Spartak Football Club for more than 5 years. Partnership between the Football Club and “IFDK” is strengthened by the fact that they have common owner which allows the latter to assist the Football Club in organizing the Club’s functioning.

“IFD Kapital” is an investor which today supports branches of economy and particular companies that are expected to be on the market’s high tomorrow. We do not only forecast the future of the Russian economy but also create it in the capacity of direct investors.

“IFD Kapital” today is:

The “Finance” block

The Integrated Private Investment Fund “IFD Kapital”

  • Closed Joint Stock Company “IFDK”
  • The Investment Company “Kapital”
  • Closed Joint Stock Company "MC Management - Center" 
  • Reserve Invest (Cyprus) Limited (RIC)

Asset Management Business

  • MC “Kapital Mutual Funds”
  • Management Company "Kapital"
  • MC “Kapital Asset Management”

Banking Group “Petrocommerce”

  • Bank “Petrocommerce”
  • Bank “Petrocommerce - Ukraine”
  • Komi regional bank “Ukhtabank”
  • “Stavropolpromstroybank” - Open Joint Stock Company

Pension Group "Kapital"

  • Administrator Limited Liability Company “”Pensionable Kapital”
  • NGPF “Pensionable Kapital”
  • NGPF “Kuban Pension Fund”
  • “Inter-branch Professional Non-Governmental Pension Fund” (Tula)
  • NO ONPF “IFD Kapital” (Ukraine)
  • "IFD Kapital Administrator of Pension Funds” (Ukraine)

“Media and IT” Block

  • Muz.ru
  • Russian Media Group
  • Teleportal.ru
  • Publishing Group “Cartel” (Ukraine) 

Mining industry

(Currently at the development stage)

“Real estate” block

  • Office center “Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya” (Moscow)
  • Office center “Pogodinskaya” (Moscow)
  • “Spartak” Stadium and universal sports hall (Moscow)
  • Sporting base “Sokolniki” (Moscow)
  • Multifunctional center "Novoryazanka" (Moscow)
  • Hotel “Crimskaya Riviera” (Ukrain, Crimea), placed in management of “Rezidor” Group
  • Sanatorium “Karasan” (Ukrain, Crimea)

“IFD Kapital” IPIF

“IFD Kapital” Integrated Private Investment Fund (IPIF) is a business unit functioning as a corporate center of the Group focused on coordination of activities of structural subdivisions and businesses as well as on direct investment of the shareholders’ funds in business projects. Among business projects successfully implemented by “IFD Kapital” IPIF are sale of “Kapital” Insurance Group and “Gematek” manufacturing plant, acquisition of “TGK-8“, etc. The structure of “Kapital” IPIF also includes:

“Kapital Investment Company ”

The “Kapital” Investment Company was included into the Group’s structure in 2008 as a result of the planned reorganization of the investment block of “IFD Kapital”. The “Kapital” IC is one of major brokers conducting a full range of securities operations on the over-the counter market, Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICE) and Russian Trading System (RTS). The National Rating Agency (NRA) has awarded the highest reliability rating AAA to the company.

”Management Center”

“Management Center” Company occupies the leading positions on the mutual funds market not only by its assets but by its reliability as well. Year after year it is awarded the highest reliability rating A++ by the “Expert RA” Rating Agency.

Reserve Invest (Cyprus) Limited (RIC)

The Company was incorporated in Cyprus in 1998. RIC provides its services both for domestic and foreign companies offering to its clients a full range of financial products and services including asset management, debt instruments transactions and trade in securities, as well as financial research and consulting.

Asset management business

Asset management business is targeted at operations with the clients’ attracted funds and is organized on the basis of three management companies - Kapital Asset Management Limited Liability Company, CJSC “Kapital Asset Management”  and “Kapital Mutual Funds” MC.

Kapital Asset Management Limited Liability Company

Management Company Kapital is one of the largest management companies in Russia as to the amount of assets in management which are over 65 billion rubles (as of December 31, 2009). Kapital Asset Management LLC has been on the trust management market since 1999. The company has been in the trust management market since 1999. Principle directions of its activity are as follows: trust management of pension reserves, the funded component of labor pensions of individuals, assets of macro-funds and self-regulating organizations as well as savings for servicemen housing programs.

At present “Kapital” Mmanages assets of the Russian Federation Pension Fund, more than 40 non-governmental pension funds (NGPF), assets of integrated companies, macro funds assets and individual clients’ assets.

The following reliability ratings have been granted to the Company: by the National Rating Agency – AAA (maximum reliability), “Expert” RA– A++ (the highest level of reliability).

Closed Joint Stock Company "Kapital Asset Management"

Closed Joint Stock Company “Kapital Asset Management” was established in February, 2008. This CJSC constitutes a separate Company specializing in the management of big private funds, mutual funds, assets of insurance companies and corporate clients.

As of December 31, 2009 the company own funds stood at 98.7 million rubles. The amount of assets in trust management was 3 billion 874 million rubles.

Management Company Kapital and Management Company Kapital Assets Management have been rated AAA by the National Rating Agency (maximum reliability), A++ -- by the RA Expert rating agency (maximum reliability).

Limited Liability Company «Management Company Kapital Mutual Funds»

The Limited Liability Company “Kapital Mutual Funds Management Company” was established by the “IFD Kapital Group” in January, 2004.

The Company is primarily focused on establishing and managing closed-end mutual funds. The Company specializes in managing real estate funds and investing in construction business. Currently the Company manages 4 closed-end real estate mutual funds and 1 closed-end shares mutual fund.

Limited Liability Company “MC Kapital Mutual Funds” has A- rating awarded by the NRA (high level of reliability – the third level) valid since 2006. 

“Petrocommerce” Banking Group

Bank “Petrocommerce” established in 1992 is a full-service credit-and-financial institution providing a full range of banking services including corporate, retail and investment banking service.
Under the umbrella of Open Joint Stock Company “Petrocommerce” Banking Group the following commercial banks have been united:

  • Open Joint Stock Company “Stavropolpromstroybank”; 
  • Open Joint Stock Company Komiregionbank “Ukhtabank”; 
  • Closed Joint Stock Company “Bank Petrocommerce-Ukrain”.

Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” ranks among TOP-20 biggest banks of the Russian Federation by major financial indicators. The Bank has a widespread branch network covering main economic centers of the country. Thus, the Banking Group possesses 187 sales points (132 in the Russian Federation and 22 in the territory of Ukraine), 1232 automated teller machines (ATM) and 4 047 POS-terminals.

Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” is the core settlement bank of “LUKOIL” Group in the ruble circulation zone providing settlement and cash services, conversion operations, complex services in Cash Management as well as payroll card programs for the Group’s staff.

Apart from the companies of “LUKOIL” Group, the Bank provides a full range of banking services to the broad spectrum of big and medium size companies using skills and experience acquired owing to positive and fruitful cooperation with “LUKOIL” Group. Concurrently the efficient regional policy ensuring the Bank’s presence in the key economic centers of high growth potentials facilitates substantial geographic diversification of Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” business.

Traditionally Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” pays special attention to maintaining high quality of assets and efficient risk and cost management. In 2008 the risk control system of Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” passed through certification procedure of the independent rating agency “Expert RA”, as a result of which the highest possible rating – “A.rm” was awarded to the Bank’s risk control system.

Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” ranks among the biggest Russian banks supported by the State Authorities, in particular, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The Bank has access to receiving unsecured loans of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The Bank “Petrocommerce” also ranks among those banks fulfilling requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with regard to availability of appropriate level of credit ratings required to draw upon subordinated loans.

Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” is entitled to participate in the auctions on allocation of the budget funds at deposits arranged by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation recognizes Open Joint Stock Company Bank “Petrocommerce” as a reliable credit-and-financial institution whose guarantees may be accepted as security for loans provided by the Bank of Russia. 

Pension coverage business

Participation in reforming the Russian pension coverage system constitutes an important line of the Group’s activity. Being one of major participants of non-governmental pension coverage market, the Group is involved in active dialogue with the State Authority on the issues of functioning and development of pension coverage system in Russia.

As of October 1, 2009 the total number of the insured who entrusted formation of the funded component of their labor pensions to the pension funds of the Group exceeded 1 million people, and the amount of pension assets under management exceeded 12.4 billion rubles. The total amount of pension reserves of the funds totals 13.9 billion rubles. The number of participants of the Group's funds under current contracts of non-state pension fund plans is over 432 thousand people out of whom more than 72 thousand people have been receiving non-state pensions.


Non-state pension fund LUKOIL-GUARANT (license of the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM) No 11/2 dated 29.06.2006) is one of the largest and the most reliable pension funds in the country. With such a partner you have confidence in the future!

The fund was founded in 1994. During 15 years of its activity it has successfully survived all crises, has never infringed its obligations to its clients and has never suspended payments of pensions which are now provided to more than 40 thousand people.

The aggregate number of the NSPF LUKOIL-GUARANT clients reaches almost 1.5 million people. In 2009 alone more than 320 thousand people entrusted the Fund to form their future pension. 

In 2009 the most authoritative rating agencies of the country, namely, Expert ÐÀ and National rating agency again confirmed the LUKOIL-GUARANT highest reliability level rating it A ++ and ÀÀÀ, correspondingly.

The amount of property used as collateral for the Charter authorized activity makes 97 % of the Fund's pension liabilities.

Branches and offices of the NSPF LUKOIL-GUARANT operate in 57 cities in 49 regions of the Russian Federation. In addition over 10 regions are covered by affiliate networks of commercial banks-partners of the fund.

Administrator Limited Liability Company “”Pensionable Kapital”

Limited Liability Company “Pensionable Kapital” represents pension coverage business of the Group “IFD Kapital”. It is a pioneering Company in the field of administration of non-governmental pension funds on the Russian market. The Company provides the following services to the funds of “IFD Kapital” Group: maintenance and service of pension accounts related to funded part of the retirement pensions, pension accounts of the funded pension coverage as stipulated by the current legislation as well as preparation of specialized reporting forms, methodological, actuarial and legal services.

NGPF “Pensionable Kapital”

NGPF “Pensionable Kapital” obtained a license on conducting mandatory pension insurance activity in 2004. As of today, the Fund remains one of the biggest open-end non-governmental pension funds in Russia – as of today the fund remains one of the largest open-type not-state pension funds of Russia -- by October 1, 2009, the number of the citizens who had entrusted NSPF Pension Capital with formation of the funded part of their labor pensions had exceeded 36.8 thousand, and the amount of pension assets under the Fund management stood at 418.2 million rubles.

There are more the 28 thousand people who participate in the Fund's non-state pension fund programs; the volume of pension reserves of NSPF Pension Capital exceeds 418 million rubles.

NGPF “Kuban Pension Fund”

Non-state pension fund NSPF Kubansky Pension Fund (Kubanskiy Pensionniy Fond) (FSFM license 18/2 dated June 30, 2009) is a unique Fund formed in the Krasnodar territory where it services only inhabitants of the territory and competes with branches of 17 federal funds. Since the start of its activity in 1994, NSPF Kubansky Pension Fund has been annually receiving awards, diplomas and letters of thanks from heads of regional and urban administrations as the best Fund in the sphere of non-state pension coverage and mandatory pension insurance.

At present NSPF Kubansky Pension Fund serves more than 31 000 inhabitants of the Krasnodar territory in the sphere of non-state pension provision and mandatory pension insurance. About 5 thousand inhabitants of the territory have been receiving non-state pensions from the Fund. During the period of its activity the Fund has paid more than 450 million rubles of non-state pensions to inhabitants of Kuban. The size of the Fund’s own property exceeds 406 million rubles that is considerably more than the sum of all its pension obligations to its clients. The Fund was co-founded by the IFD Kapital Group and the Administration of Krasnodar territory, as the subject of the Russian Federation, and Administration of the municipality of Krasnodar.

Inter-branch Professional NGPF

Non-commercial organization “Inter-branch Professional Non-Governmental Pension Fund” was established in 1995 (License of FFMS (Federal Financial Markets Service) of Russia No.138/2 of 05.07.2007).

The non-profit organization Interbranch Professional Non-State Pension Fund was founded in 1995 (FSFM license No138/2 dated July 5, 2007). The Interbranch Professional Non-State Pension Fund was founded by the Administration of the Tula region and leading regional industrial companies. It is the only Tula region non-state pension fund operating in system of mandatory pension insurance. Today over 16 thousand citizens of the region entrusted the Fund with formation of a funded part of their labor pension. Together with participants of the Fund of the Non-State Pension Provision Agreements the client base of the Interbranch Professional Non-State Pension Fund exceeded 34.5 thousand individuals as of October 1, 2009.

Media and IT

“The Russian Media Group”

“The Russian Media Group” (“RMG”) was established in August, 1995.

RMG is a large-scale radio holding comprised of: “Russian Radio” (coverage area of 2279 towns), “Radio Monte Carlo” (coverage area of 177 towns), “DFM” (coverage area of 567 towns), “Hit FM” (618 towns), “Radio MAXIMUM” (442 towns), “Good-hearted Songs” (374 towns), “The Russian News Service” / “RNS” (75 towns), as well as the advertizing agency “Gramophone” (the exclusive media-seller of all advertizing opportunities of the “RMG”) and the musical TV channel RU TV (video version of “The Russian Radio”, average monthly broadcast circulation is 11 050 thousand people).


MUZ.RU is an entertainment portal being a joint project of “The Russian Media Group” and “IFD Kapital”. The principal line of its business is selling digital musical content of legal origin. MUZ.RU is the biggest Internet-shop of legal music in Russia and the only legal portal offering musical content from all the four “majors” – Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music, as well as from most Russian recording companies and independent labels.

MUZ.RU offers to its users to buy musical content not only by albums, but also a’la carte (by separate tracks). In the near future MUZ.RU plans to include launching of audio and video broadcasting services, subscription to the whole musical catalogue of the site and development of the interactive component of the portal: mobile content, ringtones, blogs.


Open Joint Stock Company “Teleportal.ru” Company was established in 2000. The principle lines of the Company’s business are development, designing, support, implementation and marketing promotion of high-technological and economically efficient software applications for automation of financial and economical activity of enterprises and its integration with Web-representations. At the year-end of 2001 the Company was awarded the prize “Golden site”.

The Company “Teleportal.ru” offers diversified solutions for your business tasks – starting with conducting analytical research of business processes and providing consulting services up to working out and implementing software for complex automation of enterprises and integrating with already existing systems with electronic trading applications, designing and implementing the Internet-system.
The Company “Teleportal.ru” has successfully worked out and introduced to the market over 40 public and corporate Internet projects.

Real estate

The “Real estate” block is a standalone line of the Group’s business on development and management of real estate projects. As of today, under the supervision of the Group’s companies there are 3 Class A office buildings in Moscow (total space of 26 thousand sq. meters) as well as a sports center in Sokolniki area. The companies of the “Real estate” unit coordinate construction works of a new stadium for the “Spartak” Football Club (Moscow) and also own two hotel complexes in Russia and Ukraine.

Ratings and Rankings

  • “IFD Kapital” Group is the biggest non-governmental financial holding (according to Rating agency “Expert”, October, 2006)
  • Acknowledged as “The leading Company of the financial sector” (RA “Expert”, October, 2006)
  • 38th place in ratings of the biggest companies of Russia by the sales volume (proceeds) in 2005 (as per RA version, October, 2006).
  • 36th place by proceeds in 2005 among all Russian companies (under ðåéòèíãàversion “Finance-500”, September, 2006)
  • 3rd place by cost efficiency (Rating “Finance-500”, September, 2006)
  • 9th place by net profit (Rating “Finance-500”, September, 2006)
  • 11th place by dynamics of development (Rating “Finance-500”, September 2006)



To promote its own brand, Group "IFD-Kapital" sponsors several projects. These are:


Social projects

Culture is the fragile link between the past and the future. This tie is in our hands. We should carry out and support popularization of the cultural heritage of our country. It helps to preserve and hand down the Russian national heritage to future generations.

To this end, "IFD Kapital" helps to carry out a social-informational program in order to popularize the cultural heritage of Russia .

"IFD Kapital" and NSPF "LUKOYL-GARANT" are the partners of a Fund called "Narodnaya initsiativa" ("National initiative") under the Informational program of support of motherhood, childhood and families.

In 2009 “IFD Kapital” rendered its beneficent help to Pokrovsky Hotjkovsky Stavropegial nunnery of the Russian Orthodox Church. Also in the beginning of 2009 “IFD Kapital”  rendered assistance in developing material and technical base of the Clinical unit of pediatric deceases of Moscow Medical Academy named after Sechenov[http://mma.ru/ped]. 



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