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Established in 2003, IFD Kapital is one of Russia’s largest diversified holding groups.

The Group’s strategy is based on acquiring assets that can increase in value over the long run, investing in new business projects, and efficiently managing shareholder investments in the stock market. IFD Kapital Group strictly adheres to the principles of corporate development and financial control.More

One of IFD Kapital’s recipes for success is its tight-knit team of highly-qualified experts from various disciplines. This recipe has been confirmed not just by the efficiency of our investment projects, but also by the professional ratings which the Group’s executives have achieved.

Ever since its establishment, IFD Kapital Group has paid special attention to various social and charitable programs. In particular, for over 10 years it has provided financial assistance to the Khotkovo Nunnery of the Russian Orthodox Church. To help raise financial and material resources, the Group founded the IFD Kapital Charity Fund for Social Programs in 2004..

Dear journalists!

IFD Kapital Group utilizes global best business practices in its operations. One of the underlying principles of our work is information transparency, which we regard as an essential condition for building relationships of trust with the media, society, and business community.

Developing communications with the media is an important objective for IFD Kapital. We will try to answer all your questions, provide explanation and professional commentary as long as information thus disclosed does not constitute a commercial secret and will not have a negative impact on the Group’s business processes.

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